Starting the WoW Ironman Challenge!

I’ve been playing Warcraft for a long time, and my love for the game only seems to grow as time goes on. That said, sometimes I just get tired of leveling as usual. On one hand, it’s usually a stress-free, relaxing way for me to spend a few hours: fighting mobs, picking herbs, cooking, fishing. The satisfaction of seeing my leveling bar get filled up still makes me happy.

But, sometimes you want a different type of challenge. I’d heard about the WoW Ironman Challenge a while ago and thought it sounded interesting. I finished leveling my main up to 120 last week (now there’s all of that lovely endgame content to do on her!) and I’m not really keen to race through getting my other 6 (at this point) max level characters leveled up. I have plenty of time.

Which brought me to the Ironman Challenge. In a nutshell, the idea is to make it to max without dying. If you die, you’re done. To make it even MORE challenging, you can only equip gray or white gear, can’t use any types of healing potions or elixirs, can’t have any professions, and cannot choose talents.

Crazy, right?

So of course I signed up. And I was even more excited to find out that the official Ironman guild is on Wyrmrest Accord, which is one of my three main servers. So I created a character, joined the guild, and started leveling. Once she hit level 10 (while following the rules of the challenge) I signed her up on the official WoW Ironman Challenge site, and now she’s on the board there so I can track her progress along with all of the other challengers.

I’ll be sharing Vanderlaa the Draenei hunter’s adventures over on my Twitter feed as we go along. I’ll be writing in the next few days about some ways my gameplay is already changing to work with the challenge. So far, I’m having an absolute blast.

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