My Week in Warcraft (Ironman Challenge, PvP)

It was a fun week for me. I started my first WoW Ironman Challenge toon, a Draenei beast mastery hunter, Vanderlaa.

And she died at level 14, to satyrs and bears on Bloodmyst. I should have known better. I hate that zone and started rushing through it, not paying as close attention as I should have been, and she ended up pulling a few satyrs. I disengaged… right into a bear. And then another bear came. And then it was all over for poor Vanderlaa.

So I took a minute and thought maybe I’d try the Pacifist Challenge. Started a toon, and quickly realized it just wasn’t going to be fun for me. Not at this point in time, anyway. I ended up starting a new Ironman toon, Vandaa¬†the paladin (a Draenei, of course. No I don’t have a Draenei problem, why do you ask?) I’m thinking the better armor plus all of the healing spells will be a big help as I level her. And I’m taking the advice from a few of the streamers and WoW Challenges people from their Discord, who recommended going through zones I know really, really well, not playing when I’m tired or distracted, and stopping when I feel my attention wandering. You do have to pay MUCH more attention doing a challenge like this, to things that don’t seem to be a big deal ordinarily.

Vandaa¬†is level 10 now, and I have her all officially signed up on the WoW Challenges site. She’s also in the official Ironman Challenge guild on Wyrmrest Accord. We’ll see how it goes!

Family PvP Night

Every Friday night, my two teenaged daughters, my husband, my brother-in-law, and I group up and quest and do random battlegrounds together. We all dinged level 98 last week, so this week we focused on getting our Legion artifact weapons and class halls and did a few battlegrounds in between. It was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to playing Legion content with my daughters.

Warcraft, family, Halloween decorations, and wine. And a cat, because it’s my house and cats are everywhere.

Side note: They refer to Malfurion as “Princess Peach” because we need to save him a lot. I died the first time they called him that.

So that was my week. Next week there will be more Ironman leveling, and I need to do some stuff on my main. She still hasn’t done everything she needs to get world quests, so I need to get on that. And if I have time, I might work on leveling my mage a little more. She’s 114 right now and I’d love to get her moving more.

Alas, time is limited, but at least I can do a little bit here and there.

See you in Azeroth!

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